Would you like to be a guest blogger?

Currently there are dates available for WEDNESDAYs from Jan to March 2013

Not an author?  Not to worry - I LOVE to host publishers, readers, editors, reviewers, book bloggers or aspiring writers...anyone who has an interest in romance fiction!  So let me know what you have in mind and I will see what I can do!

Guidelines for guest bloggers:

There are three types of blog posts you can post:

  1. The first are to be Topics and discussion, with only a short section to promote your books.  Fun topics, writing related topics, craft topics or a general outlook on life are all welcome. No excerpts, but bio, cover, blurb and buy links are fine
  2. Second - Excerpts -  for one short excerpt only. If you have other books to promote, you can direct readers to your website and/or bookstore where they can read further. Include bio, cover, blurb and buy links.
  3. Third - Interviews - so if you're brave enough to answer the tough questions - let me know and I'll organise it! Includes bio, links and if you have a current release - cover and blurb.

Although I will make every effort to promote your post, all guest bloggers must agree to undertake to promote their post and direct readers to the site.
Giveaways and prizes are permitted and welcomed, and remember -  the guest author is responsible for delivering the gift to the winner.

Check the calendar on the right to see if there are any dates that suit you :-)

So if this looks like something you would like to do send me an email to set up a date!


Unknown said...

I'm brave enough to answer questions. I'd like a Wednesday in late Feb or March.

If you would like to appear on my blog - I'd love to reciprocate.

Maggie Nash said...

Sent you an email :-)

JoAnne Myers said...

Hi I'm brave enough to answer questions. Can I have May 1st?

Respectfully yours,

JoAnne Myers-Author

Maggie Nash said...

Hi JoAnne

May 1st is taken, but you can have May 8th if you like? send me an email