Thursday, 26 January 2012

THURSDAY TEASER - Rachel Randall

Hi all, today I'm sharing a Thursday Teaser from my latest release, Temporary Truce -- and giving away a PDF copy to a lucky commenter.

When the ladies at TEB asked me to come up with an office-romance threesome, I immediately agreed that it was an excellent proposition!

A hot woman in authority? Yes please.
A hot man in authority? Mmm definitely.
A new bloke with impulse control and a preference for bottoming? Check.
A hot woman and hot man arguing over who gets to be in charge before taking it out on each other (and their willing partner) in winner-takes-all bedroom games? How could I resist such temptation???


Excerpt from Temporary Truce by Rachel Randall

I had no idea what to expect when I came back to the library an hour later. One of them gone, maybe —- left and gone home. Or the two of them naked, writhing passionately on the floor. Pushing open the door, I saw that they were both standing by the whiteboard, fully clothed, heads bent together in heated discussion.

“Truce,” I reminded them, fearing that the war had resumed.

“We’ve come to an arrangement,” Hilary said. He nodded to Caroline, whose answering smile was wolfish.

My stomach flipped over. Relief, maybe. Nerves, certainly...and something a little more inappropriate.

Caroline came up close and touched my shoulder, casually—but this wasn’t a woman who did casual. “We’ve agreed this is a good opportunity to get some quality work done—-”

“-—and an even better chance to fuck around,” Hilary finished.

Need punched me hard even as she stroked her thumb over my biceps. “You’ll need to help though. Keep score.”

My guard went up. My muscles quivered in awareness. “Of what?”

“Orgasms.” She rolled the ‘r’ ever so deliberately.

Hilary flanked me, earnest and utterly winding me up, he said, “How else will we keep focused without some way to...vent?”

I felt dizzy from being caught in the middle. Knowing something might happen and experiencing it first-hand were two entirely different beasts.

Caroline trailed her fingertips down to my elbow then lifted her hand to gesture at the whiteboard. “It’s settled then. Since we’ll be saving the trust exercises for the bedroom, I presume Adam has no objection to us beginning to block out a strategy for the case?”

“Not at all,” I said weakly. “Shall I?” I made towards the door, half hoping for my own sanity that they’d send me away.

“No, stay,” Caroline said, and Hilary nodded.

At least they were still in accord, I thought, even if it was only to torment me. But after a few hours I realised that I was wrong. They weren’t tormenting me—for better or for worse, I’d been accepted into their inner circle. Without the need to posture, they proved fully capable of cooperation.

They were getting along. It wasn’t perfect -— I had to reset the discussion when they strayed into sharp disagreement -— but I’d take what I could get. Besides, we had time yet to make it stick. For now, and as long as I was there to remind them of their temporary truce, it seemed like peace between them might be possible.

My low-level arousal simmered through me as I watched their progress. Caroline, deep in concentration, was fierce in her focus. But to my distracted mind, her body language screamed sex, and I found it difficult to appreciate her on any level but the most visceral.

A quick survey of Hilary showed that he was studying her just as covertly as I was. In another moment, he noticed my stare. He orientated himself towards me, wearing an expression of speculative appraisal. My line of sight focused and stuttered against the shadows of his trousers. I licked my dry lips and when I met his eyes again I found invitation there.

Self-conscious, I looked away, but my feverish thoughts ran rampant. When Caroline’s glance lingered just a little too long on Hilary’s mouth, or when their shoulders swayed together...did either of them realise they already worked together better than they had ever believed they could?
And now that I was temporarily part of their games of one-fuckmanship, I wondered, would it help or hinder their truce if I played along?


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Tempted? Just leave a comment and I'll randomly pick the winner of a PDF copy on Monday, 30 January.

You can find buy links for the Temporary Truce ebook HERE, along with excerpts, a music mix, and more. Temporary Truce also appears in a print edition anthology, available from Total E-Bound


Ann Montclair said...

Great diction. Caught MY attention!

Rachel Randall said...

Thanks for hosting, Maggie :)

Cheryl said...

Can't wait to read the book,wish there had been more

Maggie Nash said...

You're welcome Rachel! It's always a pleasure :-)

It looks great doesn't it Ann and Cheryl!


Anonymous said...

Please pick meeee:)

VampedChik said...

Love the excerpt! Book added to my wishlist! :) Thanks!

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Morticia Knight said...

Sounds really hot Maggie - I always love a good menage ;-)

Dalton Diaz said...

You had me at threesome.
Great excerpt!

Rachel Randall said...

Hi everyone, thanks for entering, and for your lovely comments on the excerpt.

There's another excerpt on my Temporary Truce page at my website:

I've used my good old to pick a winner...and it's Morticia Knight! I'll email your prize today.


Maggie Nash said...

Congratulations Morticia! I know you'll enjoy the story!

And thanks so much for being my guest this past week Rachel!

Rachel Randall said...

My pleasure, Maggie! The Thursday Teaser's a great idea -- look forward to reading lots of juicy tidbits :)