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SUNDAY SNOG - The Master's Prize

Hey we are again with a SUNDAY SNOG!  Today I have the first kiss between the reluctant sub Elise and her soon to be Master - Mitch.  That's's from THE MASTER'S PRIZE - my first BDSM story with Total-e-bound.

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And now for mine!

EXCERPT from THE MASTER'S PRIZE from Total-e-bound

“Hoo wee, ladies and gents, we have a winner. A donation is making its way up to the studio as we speak to claim his kiss with the sexy Miss Elise Blake. Stay tuned for this momentous occasion. We’ll be back with the tongue action after these few words from our ever-popular sponsors. Don’t move.”
Throwing off his earpiece again, he raced out into the corridor to meet the elevator. As the doors opened he stopped in his tracks then moved forward laughing. “Mitch Collins! Bloody great to see you, mate. How’ve you been?”
“Can’t complain,” said the deep voice belonging to the man coming out of the elevator. “Things will be infinitely better once I get what I came for.”
Davo shook his hand vigorously. “The kiss, oh yeah, the kiss. Well, you’re a lucky bastard, Mitch. She’s a real looker.”
“So I believe.”
Elise almost fainted on the spot. She recognised both the name and the sexiest voice she'd ever heard. It was him, the man from the BDSM club. Shit! The club she’d gone to after her crazy friend Nicole dared her. He was the training master who had the body she’d been having erotic dreams about and somehow he’d found out her name. How had he done that? The memory of how much she’d been turned on by that place freaked her out, and the thought that this gorgeous hunk of man presumed that she would be his willing slave made her fascinated, angry, and scared to death at the same time. And, if she was truly honest with herself, incredibly turned on. However, she still wasn’t quite sure she could go through with the whole dominant–submission thing, so once when he'd called looking for her and told her secretary that they had met at a friend’s club and she realised where he meant. Afraid of what the consequences would be if she gave in to her desires, she'd decided not to return his calls. She’d been avoiding him for weeks. In fact, she’d been trying to forget that night at the club altogether, not that it was easy. The erotic scenes she’d witnessed invaded her dreams every night, and now a consequence of that visit was standing right here in front of her. Holy shit, great predicament, Elise!
Bloody hell, why did he have to be so damn gorgeous? She’d looked him up on the Internet and the photos she’d found didn’t do him justice at all. The shaggy dark brown hair was the same, but those dark blue eyes rimmed by those incredibly long eyelashes, and that lopsided grin? Oh man, then there was his body. It should be illegal for a man to have shoulders so broad and a bum so muscular you just wanted to sink your teeth into it.
It doesn’t matter.
She still didn’t want to go out with him, especially after the arrogant way he’d been pursuing her. He didn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ‘no’, and she still didn’t understand why he picked her. She was sure they’d never met in person before. In fact, along with the mask, she’d been careful not to interact with anyone at that club. She wasn’t sure she was ready to explore that particular fantasy for real. Not yet.
Anyway, it was the principle of the thing. She had no time for rich jerks who thought they only had to flash some cash and every woman would jump at being their slave. She’d already done the rich boyfriend thing and it sucked big time. Even if she did fantasise about giving over control of her body to a dominant lover, she always chose her own men on her own terms, and that was the way she liked it. If she kept reminding her self of that fact, she just might believe it too.
Mitch caught her looking and smiled with that impossibly sexy mouth. Oh man, what a smug smile. Even if he did make her insides shiver, she wasn’t putting up with smug. Standing up straight to her full five foot seven in height, she stared him right in the face… around about his chin level actually…and spoke. “And who might you be?”
The smile didn’t waver even for a millisecond. He was good, but she was better.
“I take it you have the required money with you, Mr.…? What did you say your name was?”
Davo stepped in between them, grabbing Elise’s hand. “Elise love, don’t you recognise him? This is Mitchell Collins. He’s the owner of Collins Technology. Of course he has the money, and if he hasn’t got it on him, I know he’s good for it.”
Throwing Davo’s hand back to him, Elise moved to stand beside him so she could keep an eye on her quarry. “Oh? You sell computers or something?” She knew exactly how much he was worth, but there was no way she was letting him know that. Let him put that in his pipe and smoke it!
The corners of his mouth kicked up just a touch. “Something like that, Elise. And please call me Mitch. There’s no need to be so formal under the circumstances now is there? In a few minutes, we’ll be on quite intimate terms.”
Her mind went into overdrive. Oh shit! This was the man in her fantasy dreams. Oh God, don’t lose it now, Elise. Forcing herself to calm down, she took a deep breath in and blew it out slowly. She could do calm. She was in complete control of herself. And pigs might fly too, but she was sure going to give it a try.
“Why not, Mr. Collins? In a few minutes, it will be all over and we’ll probably never see each other again. Why bother getting familiar?”
“Elise! Don’t forget Mitch is donating money to our charity…”
Mitch laughed. A deep, throaty, sexy laugh. Damn. Why did that sound make her panties dampen of their own accord?
“I don’t mind calling you Miss Blake if you really want me to. Makes no difference to me. It’s all in a good cause.”
Great going, Elise. Keep it coming, nice and easy. “So you’ll just give us the money then?”
There came that laugh again. “Nice try, but no. I always collect on what I’m owed, and make no mistake, I plan on collecting from you, Miss Blake, and the pleasure will be mutual. You can count on that.”
A spiral of anticipation ran up and down her spine and then made a beeline to her pussy at his last words, but before she had a chance to reply, the studio technician popped his head out the office door in the nick of time.
 “I’ve played four songs and I’m on the third commercial. You guys better get your arses back here and now or we’ll lose the listeners.”
Davo jumped to attention. “Okay, guys, we’d better get to the studio. Do your lip lumbering exercises, we’re about to broadcast a five thousand dollar lip lock.”
How the fuck was she going to get out of this?
Davo showed Mitch in to the studio then turned to Elise, whispering in her ear as he leaned towards her. “You have to do this, Elise. No getting out of it now. Come on, it’ll be fun.” He placed an arm around her shoulder and pulled her towards him, looping his other arm through hers.
It looked like there was no escaping it. Bloody hell. It was only a kiss. Only a kiss with a practicing dominant who’d finally caught up with her. Sure. Only a kiss. Maybe once he got the kiss from her, he’d leave her alone.
Yes, hold that thought.
Did she really believe that?
Nope, not for a minute. Not after all the trouble he’d gone to. She wouldn’t put it past him to have engineered the whole thing.
“Elise?” Davo whispered, his hand covering the mike.
She sucked in a deep breath. “Okay, I’ll do it. But remember, it’s just a show for charity. Nothing more.”
Davo let out a relieved breath as he reclaimed the microphone. “Okay, listeners, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The Big Kiss! We have computer tycoon, Mitchell Collins, here live in the studio about to lay one on our gorgeous newsreader, Elise Blake. Woo wee, I can feel the heat from here and they haven’t even started yet.”
The grinning disc jockey pressed a button on the panel in front of him and a sucking sound effect rang throughout the studio. Elise stuck her tongue out at him, and blushed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Just great. Thanks to her pale colouring she could always count on her body to embarrass her just at the wrong moment.
“Take your places, Mitch and Elise.”
Mitch turned to Elise and placed his hands on either side of her face. “I promise I’ll be gentle.”
She tried to be nonchalant. She could do it if she tried really hard.
Only a kiss, remember.
“Go on. Get it over with. I just hope you cleaned your teeth this morning.”
He smiled at her.
Damn, the insult didn’t work.
There was that sexy, cocky and smug grin again. What was keeping him? Just do it, for God’s sake…oh God, here it comes.
He nodded at Dano who signalled the thumbs up that the microphone was now live.
“I’m always ready to kiss a woman who has a voice like sin and a body more beautiful than I ever imagined.”
The grip of his hands on her face tightened, and even though he wasn't hurting her, he held her firmly in place. “Shut up and don’t move.”
What did he say?
Before she could ask him out loud what the heck he was talking about, he brushed his lips over hers. Once, then once again. Just a light touch, but some major tingles were happening in her chest about now. Without thinking, she slipped her arms around his neck, and buried her hands in his silken hair. Her eyes closed and he went in for the kill, taking complete control.
Oh my God - the man could kiss!
The pressure increased as his tongue prodded her lips open, and she almost fainted from the intensity of the intrusion. His breath tasted of something fruity and exotic and his clever tongue was thrusting at just the right speed to cause maximum arousal.
Slow, slow, fast. Slow, slow, fast.
Breaths mingled. Tongues tangled and time stood still. Mitch slid his hands from her waist to her buttocks and squeezed. Hot liquid seeped onto her underwear as her whole body tingled with unbelievable sensation and scorching heat.
Whoa, baby!
He pulled her closer, rubbing the hard length of his erection against her body,  confirming he was as aroused as she was. Steamy pictures of them both naked and writhing together on black silk sheets flashed through her mind. She could almost feel his sweat dripping on to her chest as he thrust inside her. Holy shit!
The sound of raucous whistles and clapping brought her back to reality. Pushing herself away from Mitch, she sucked in a deep breath, turning away from him so she could get her bearings.
Oh my God!
She’d never gotten that turned on in such a short space of time before, especially not with a total stranger.
“We had lift off, ignition and spontaneous combustion all at once here folks. The temperature just went up twenty degrees in the studio. Phew! Now that is what I call a K.I.S.S!”

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Lisabet Sarai said...

What a build up! That's definitely some kiss, Maggie!

Maggie Nash said...

Oh yeah. It still makes me hot thinking about Mitch :-) Thanks for dropping by Lisabet :-)

Victoria Blisse said...

What a fantastic kiss, I loved the build up!

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Victoria!

Nichelle Gregory said...

Oh, my! What a hot scene and I love the premise of this story!

Maggie Nash said...

Thank you Nichelle! And thanks for spreading the word!