Saturday, 15 November 2008


Shapeshifters, Seduction, Corporate intrigue and Flying Doctors all have one thing in common: Heat and lots of it. When you throw these talented Aussies authors together you’re going to have a sinfully good time when you meet some of the Boys Down Under!

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The Executioner – By Maggie Nash


A team building exercise at a remote location reignites the heat between former lovers Madeleine Smith and Nicholas Garabaldi. When team members start dying they must learn to trust again so they can outwit whoever is killing off the group one by one. Is this the “Executioner” from the indigenous Dream Time legend of the local Bilbulmun tribe? Or is someone closer to home responsible?



Nick breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the sound of the taxi driving into camp. She was here. Thank Christ! Flicking open the blind just a tad, his heart leapt at the sight of her climbing out of the car. If it was possible, she was even more beautiful than he remembered. Her dark, glossy curls hung down almost to her waist, and those long, tanned, shapely legs… Like a pre-programmed reaction, his cock swelled in remembrance of how she used to hook those muscular calves around his thighs as he pumped into her.

Down boy. There’s lots of work to do yet, focus on the prize at the end. Running his hand through his hair, he sighed. Oh yeah, and what a prize. Staying out of sight until at least tomorrow night so she would realize the camp actually was legitimate would be a challenge, but since Gary was taking the group out in the bush for most of the activities, he should be free to get ready for the evening. He planned to leave Maddie in no doubt that his feelings were real, and give her no choice but to let him back into her life.

Looking out the window again, he saw Maddie lean over to pick up her backpack. Three other team members raced to her side to help and he laughed softly. She always did have that effect on men, even though she never saw it herself. He didn’t feel any jealousy, though. He knew her well enough to know she wasn’t easily impressed by fawning males. She felt things deeply, which meant she probably still had feelings for him, although at the moment, the closest feeling to the surface was probably anger. After the weekend, if he had anything to say about it, that would radically change.
One last look showed her leading a procession along the fifty meters to her tent with the three adoring sycophants tripping over themselves to follow her in the faint hope she’d grace them with a gorgeous smile. He knew how they felt. He chuckled again as she shooed them away, entering her tent and closing the flap. Looking at his watch he thought about how exhausted she must be; the trip from Victoria to WA could be very tiring. She was probably too tired to join the group for dinner. He made a mental note to ask Gary to organize a tray for her. Just for tonight she could get the royal treatment.
Come tomorrow, Sweetheart, you’re going to learn all about survival of the fittest. A vision of her in tight shorts and t-shirt, swinging on a rope from one obstacle to another, got him hot all over again. He was going to enjoy every minute of watching her progress from the sidelines.

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Jess Dee said...

Boys Down Under is available again.
Um - is it terrible to brag?

Maggie Nash said...

No's mandatory!