Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Wednesday Wisdom with Jennifer Wright

Today we welcome the lovely and talented Jennifer Wright.  Her books are sexy, hot and pretty darn awesome so I'm so pleased she's my guest today :-)

I've asked her the tough questions so lets see how she answered them...

Tell us about your new release.

Airos (which is currently up for pre-order at 15% off at Total-E-Bound) is the 3rd book in my Finding Home series. In the first two books there has been an ongoing ‘thing’ between Larken and Zane, and in Airos, that ‘thing’ is finally progressing. This is Zane’s story, and he has a big decision to make – who’s he gonna love, Larken his long-time best friend that could be perfect for him, or a new character that’s been thrown into the mix that he can’t seem to get out of his head?
Well, he can’t really seem to get either out of his head, actually. Decisions, decisions….

Why not both? Hehehehe

How about telling us a little about your road to publication.

I’ve always had stories floating around in my head, conjuring up new ones every other day, and a few years back I was reading the ‘About the Author’ in the back of a book and saw that this author was an insurance agent by day – writer by night. I thought to myself, if they can do it, maybe I can too. So, I sat down and started writing one of the most recent stories in my head at the time, and ten months later I was sending out submissions. That book didn’t take (and I understand why – definitely needs some rewriting before I send it out again), but I kept writing despite the turn-downs. I got lucky when TEB accepted Pavarus, and it’s all been crazy writing since.

Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

I’ve been asked this before, and again I feel stupid for saying I honestly can’t remember. Like I mentioned before, I’m constantly creating new stories in my head – whether or not they make it to paper is another thing – but they’re still always coming in. Music, country scenery, a story my step-dad tells me…practically everything gives me ideas. I really wish I could remember what caught my eye (or ear) that gave me the idea for the Finding Home series.

How did you research for your story? Was it fun?

I didn’t really do research since the stories take place in another dimension, I had to make everything up. The only thing I really researched was names. I have a lot of unique names for people, places, languages, etc., and I wanted to see if any of them were actually real. One name for a country I made up actually ended up being a real word but in a different language, so I nix that and thought of something else. I wanted my ‘made-up’ words to be as original as possible.

You write both fantasy and romantic suspense.  Do you find it hard to switch between genres?  What are the bonuses of writing two ways?

Not really. The only thing I somewhat struggle with is making an action/tragic story a romance. There have been books that I’ve read that I thought, ‘There is no way those two would be getting it on at a time like this!’ So how do you blend murder, kidnapping, evil guys and people falling in love? Very carefully.

Is this part of a series?  Any plans for other stories based on these characters?
Yes and yes. There are 2 books to follow Airos – Athis Dey and TorDrega. They are the last in the series. I won’t go into detail about them yet because I don’t want to give away anything for the 3rd book. A lot of new things and people come-about in Airos, and they definitely send new twists into the series.


What was the hardest part about writing this book?

The fact that I had to rewrite half of it.

I was questioning and struggling with Airos once I got about halfway through it, so I passed it on to my beta reader to see what she thought so far. I basically got an F – and she was right to give it. I had almost every character doing things and acting completely, well, out of character. The storyline basis was good, but I needed to change the attitudes and actions of everyone. It took me months to rewrite what I had, but after that was finished the words flowed from there on out.

What was the easiest part?

The sex scenes. *blushes* They’re always the easiest. ;)


Favorite Scene?

A new character, Bo, finds out some big news pertaining to him and his brother, and there’s a scene right after between him and Zane that just ate at my heart. But again, I won’t say too much – don’t want to give anything away just yet.

Where can readers find out more about your new release?

You can find all my book and the latest updates on my blog,, or at Total-E-Bound’s site

What are you working on now?

Too many books to mention, lol! But my main goal is to finish the last 2 books in the Finding Home series.

And now for the personal questions-

Favourite food?


Favourite author?

It’s a tie between J.R. Ward and J.L. Langley.

Favourite season?


If you could invite any five people, famous or not – who would you invite to dinner?
My mom, step-dad, sister, niece, and dad. Family is everything to me and I have the best times when I’m with them.


I was born in Arizona, but have spent the better part of my life in Wisconsin. If I’m not typing away on my laptop, you’ll find me with my nose buried in a book, or with my loving boyfriend debating on what movie to watch and the never ending back and forth decision of what we should have for dinner.  I love spending time with my family and boyfriend, cuddling with my two cats, and laughing as much as possible (cuz I like to think I'm funny :-D).


Zane has everything in his life under control and in order, but can he keep it that way when a young dragon is thrown into his life?

Zane was meant to be a warrior—end of story. Though he may not have had the most pleasant life living at the coven, he still loved being there. But the steadiness of his world came to a halt all within one day’s events. A man he never saw coming has pushed the boundaries of what little normalcy he has, and learning of a secret love is just confusing him even more. Zane has never felt more torn on what he should be feeling…and for whom. Though, if he assumed having two men plaguing his every waking thought was hard enough, learning of the danger his mother is in nearly has his head spinning off into another dimension.

The leader of the Dráguns is threatening to take everything away from him, his best friend is slipping further and further away from him, and a little dragon is managing to get under his skin in more ways than one. Sorting out what he has to do, what he wants, and what’s right for him will be the biggest challenge he’s ever been faced with. Will he follow his heart or will he take the easy path…or is the easy path the right path to begin with?

Links to where the book can be bought

Where you can find Jen

Thanks so much for dropping by today Jen!  I love the sound of this new series :-)  Wishing you many sales and lots of lovely reviews!


H K Carlton said...

Great Interview Jen and Maggie.
I think that's the first time I've heard you mention the name of the last book. I love it!
Congrats Jen and continued success with the rest of this incredible series.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, HK! And choosing the name of the 5th book was totally the easiest. It just came right to me. :)

And thank you, Maggie, for having me as a guest!


Donna Gallagher said...

Great interview Jen, I can't wait to read Airos but how did HK know the name of book 4 and I didn't? I need to pay more attention. Great titles by the way.
What! You wouldn't invite me? Lucky I understand the family thing ;)

Anonymous said...

Lol, Donna! You're invited to the late night after party. ;)


Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Maggie and Jen -

I really enjoyed the interview. Congratulations and good luck with the latest Finding Home book.

I know what you mean about blending romance and action/danger/tragedy. It's tough. When my beta reader read Quarantine, she commented "Well, I have a bit of problem with them interrupting their desperate escape to make love - but I guess that's standard in romance."


Maggie Nash said...

Thanks for being my guest this week Jen! I love your answers :-) The book looks amazing too.

And a hearty thanks to all the commenters too!