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Wednesday Wisdom with Ditter and Dawn Montgomery

Today I'm so excited to welcome my good friend Dawn Montgomery and her writing partner and my new friend Ditter tha'great!  Squee!  Dawn and I go way back and for some reason this is her first visit to my blog. I'm not sure how that happened...but she's here now!  Here is a fun interview with both these wonderful writers...take it away ladies!

Tell us about your new release
Dawn: Well FoxFire is our first release together. Murder, mystery, lust and a certain book that causes some serious envy in our readers.

Ditter: FoxFire is my first release.

Where did you come up with the idea for this book?

Dawn: I was reading my book on mythology around the world and realized most creatures had a source of their power, a way to bind them to a human’s will. Then I saw the words Kitsune (fox spirit in Asian lore), sexual appetite, seduction, and a pearl in one passage. Shad, was born.

Ditter: I love murder mysteries. Dawn mentioned shifters and illusions, and we just ran with it.

Why did you decide to write the book together? Is it the first time or are you experienced * wink * ?

Dawn: Ditter should take this one, I think.

Ditter: *takes a sip of coffee* We had just finished writing Haunting Melody together, and wanted to try something a little longer. So I handcuffed Dawn to a chair and made her do it. But for the record, there was no violence involved. It was completely consensual. *grin*

Dawn: *laughs*

You guys are a hoot! Writing together must be so much fun! What’s the best part of writing with a partner?

Dawn: You’re not alone in the world you’ve created. I know a lot of writers enjoy that sense of isolation, but it’s comforting to know that Ditter’s there to keep the story on track (I get “shinied” a little too easily).

Ditter: We bring out the best in one another. Our writing is so strong together.

Dawn: All of my weaknesses are countered by her strengths.

The worst part?

Dawn: Having to wait. We both have very active lives, yet our writing is done by phone. One person paces while the other writes and v/v. It’s awesome, but if I can’t sleep and start working on a scene I have to keep myself from calling her at 2am!

Ditter: She’s so far away from me. Do you know how frustrating it is to be annoyed with a person and not wrap your hands around their throat or high five them when you both have kicked out an awesome scene?

Dawn: *laughs* It would be so easier to write in the same room, I think.

Maybe you can skype while you both write on your laptops?

How did you research for your story? Was it fun?

Dawn: Hmm. I think I went nuts on Japanese Anime there for a bit. Shad’s personality is all his own, but the illusions he spun were definitely inspired by that. And the masque ball from Labyrinth. Don’t you think Ditter? We talked about that scene forever. :D

Ditter: That was such an awesome scene. We also lusted after Dracula in the Van Helsing Jackman movie. That beautiful masque too. Damn that man was sexy.

Labyrinth and Hugh Jackman...two of my favourite things!

Is this part of a series? Any plans for other stories based on these characters?

Dawn: Definitely part of a series.

Ditter: *nods* The Dark Talisman series. Shad gets his happily ever after, but there are a lot of others who are still trapped.

Dawn: Shift the Night will be the next one.

Ditter: Jake. *happy shiver* He’s freakin’ sexy. I can’t wait for book three…Raven Wing. I can’t say more than that without spoiling a bit of FoxFire. As a matter of fact, I’m gathering information on it right now.

What was the hardest part about writing this book?

Dawn: It wasn’t the first book we wrote together, but it was challenging because of our writing habits. Getting our schedules to coincide…that was tough.

Ditter: Not being able to fist bump with Dawn when I have a brilliant idea or write a kickass scene.

What was the easiest part?

Dawn: Working with Ditter.

Ditter: We’re on the same level. She’s the yin to my yang baby.

Favorite Scene?

Dawn: *wicked grin* It would have to be Shad’s seduction during the masque. Yum. Of course, I loved the moment Alaya realized the murder mystery wasn’t really a game.

Ditter: My absolute favorite part was the book scene upstairs. Oh man. It happens within the first 500 words, and it definitely leaves a lasting impression. *fans self* I think I flung my kindle across the room when it wouldn’t conform.

Where can readers find out more about your new release?

Ditter: The book is exclusive to Amazon. Prime members in the states can borrow it for free, as well.

Dawn: We decided on Amazon’s Prime option because Prime was such an amazing program while I was deployed. It offers free shipping anywhere in the states, and since it included APO (US Military addresses) my family could send me stuff without additional costs.

Buy link:

What are you working on now?

Dawn: Wow. *ticks off titles with her fingers* Noel’s Gift is in final edits. I love me some vampires. Thunder and Roses had a full request. It’s like Bad Company meets Hannibal. An extremely intense romantic paranormal thriller. *looks at Ditter*

Ditter: Don’t forget about Haunting Melody’s expansion. It’s such a gorgeous love story involving a ghost. Of course there’s a twist or two in there that keeps you on your toes.

Dawn: Right. We received a request to expand the story length from a fantastic editor. We’re working on that one as we speak, actually.

Ditter: The Guardians. It’s our five book paranormal romance series. Guardians beneath the ground whose only purpose is to protect our world. They’re forbidden from interacting with the human race, but, of course, there are those who refuse to conform. *mischievous grin*

Dawn: I think no matter what we’re working on, the best part of writing with Ditter is the twists and turns our plots and characters travel through.

Ditter: Definitely. Nothing makes us happier than a reader’s surprised “I didn’t see that coming.”

And now for the very very personal questions-

Favourite toy?

Dawn: It’s a tie between my kindle and the PS3. Not only do I get some awesome roleplaying games, but I get access to all the streaming video sites like Crunchyroll and Netflix. My kindle has made my life so much easier. I love curling up and selecting a book without having to track down which shelf I’d put it on (or box I’d dropped it in).

What? No naughty toys?

Ditter: B.O.B. I named mine Spike.

Dawn: *laughs*


Ditter: No, seriously, my kindle. Dawn sends her writing bits to my kindle and I can go stretch out on the couch and read. There’s also something liberating about having my entire library at my fingertips.

Favourite food?

Dawn: French Fries.

Ditter: Sushi.

Yum. I love sushi too! French fries too - but they don't love me back!

Favourite position?

Dawn: I’ve yet to try a position I didn’t like. It’s more about pressure and rhythm than just position for me.

Ditter: On the top looking down. Cuz I’m dominant like that.


If you could have anyone, famous or not - who do you want to get hot and heavy with in a ménage?

Dawn: Hugh Jackman and Colin Farrell. Together. Hell, I’d settle for one. Or the other. And any combination therein.

*Sigh* ...I'd be in that!

Ditter: Ian Somerhalder and Vin Diesel. *fist bump*

Dawn: Damn. Total envy on Ditter’s choices. Ian is mine next, doll. After a shower, of course. I like ‘em clean so I can get ‘em dirty. *fist bump*

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Thank you so much for having us today, Maggie! *hugs*

No thank you both for being so generous with your time and so much fun!

Give them a round of applause folks!


Cynnara Tregarth said...

*waves* Hi you two! Great interview! Can't wait to see what you both come up with next!

Dawn Sullivan said...

Such an awesome and informative interview. You helped answer so many of my questions :) I loved it! Thanks so much

Sheri L said...

Great interview! Loved FoxFire and can not wait to read their next book. Ditter and Dawn are amazing together! From what I've read already from this dynamic duo I can say they have the twist mystery and sex scenes all in one which makes for a great read :)....

Ditter said...

Thank you so much, Ladies! Maggie, Thank you for having us!!

C. A. Szarek said...

I think I love you both more than I did before! GREAT interview! :)

Dawn Montgomery said...

Maggie! Thank you so much for having us, honey. It was fun!

Ditter said...

Thank you Sheri! We like to have a twist or two in all of our stories! Nothing feels better than to have a reader say, Oh my God I didn't see that coming! :)