Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm going to ARRC2013!

You know - back in 2008 when a few of us posed the question of whether or not we could throw a Romance Reader convention in Australia - none of us imagined how successful the idea would be, or how Australian readers, publishers, booksellers and authors have supported us. I am so very proud to have been there from the beginning. I still remember when we got the emails from MaryJanice Davidson and Sherrilyn Kenyon telling us that they'd love to come to our first effort in 2009 and I think I nearly fell off my chair :-)

We started with no money at all, and a small bunch of enthusiastic workers, so to look at the success and professionalism of the organisation now - well, it gets me *sniff* all teary and choked up even thinking about it...

So wild horses couldn't keep me away from the next ARRC in Brisbane next March...are you coming too?

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