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THURSDAY TEASER - Morticia Knight - ADULT excerpt

Today we have a hot little excerpt from fellow TEB author Morticia Knight.  She writes some of my favourite genres - Menage, BDSM...what's not to like?

Here's a snippet from her upcoming release which is a story in the ALL TOGETHER NOW anthology to be released on May 7th at Total-e-bound.


And can I just say I LOVE the covers from Total-e-bound!

Adult Excerpt from “The Perfect Third”, a contemporary MFM Menage that is included in the All Together Now Anthology which is available May 7th from Total-E-Bound Publishing. All rights reserved.

Denise had been begging for what they were about to do for a long time, but they always wanted to make sure a girl knew what she was getting into—or, more accurately, what was getting into her—before they attempted it.
“Hold on, boys,” she said lasciviously. “If we’re going to do what I think we’re going to do, I want to use some of my toys.”
Lorne was puzzled, but Antony looked almost insulted.
“I’m sure you’ll get plenty of pleasure from what our cocks are about to do to you,” said Antony, trying not to let his pride bring the evening to a halt.
“Oh, sugar, I know they will! It’s just that, well, you boys are so…organic in your tastes. I’ve wanted to add a little more spice to things for a while. I promise you, it’s purely to heighten what I’m already sure will be sensational.”
Antony looked at Lorne to gauge his reaction. Lorne merely shrugged as if to say ‘Why not?’
“Sure, babe, tell us what you want.”
“Okay, Lorne darling. Antony’s already nice and ready for me here. Do you mind grabbing my little bag of tricks over by my closet door?”
Lorne looked in the direction she was pointing and saw a small black tote. He picked it up, and when he unzipped the top to view the contents he got the complete picture of what she wanted. Their kinky little Denise liked it rough. Lorne and Antony had very little in the way of taboos, but BDSM had never been their first choice with a date. They both truly loved women, and would never do anything to hurt or degrade one. But if that was something the woman wanted, they would do their best to please her.
“Any requests?”
He could see Antony sitting up on the bed, straining around Denise to try to get a good look at what was going on. The evening had taken an interesting turn.


You can find out more about Morticia at her AUTHOR PAGE

Thanks so much for sharing with us today Morticia! It's on my wish list!


I've managed to talk the lovely Shannon Peters in to sharing a teaser from her story in this same Anthology.  Here it is here...enjoy!


She stepped off the kerb—but her foot didn’t hit the ground.
A strong arm wrapped around her waist, a big hand clapped over her mouth, and she was swung off her feet and carried into the dark alley.
Evie struggled against her captor. She managed to kick him in the shin, and was satisfied when she heard a grunt.
“Help me hold her, Taz,” a voice growled near her ear.
Then there were two pairs of arms clutching her. She was held in a strong grip, with a man’s arm around her torso, and another around her waist, and two warm, muscular bodies bracketing her own. Rain pelted down on all of them, the tall buildings lining the alley providing little protection from the elements. She tried to turn her head, to see her captors.
The men from the pub.
She didn’t have time for this. Baxter was probably striding up and down the meeting room now, fuming at her tardiness.
The dark-haired man from the pub stepped in front of her. He removed his sunglasses.
His eyes were blue, but not a normal blue. It was like looking into a pool, with mesmerising blends of blue, silver and dark indigo shifting and swirling. Weird, yet beautiful. Evie halted her struggling, captivated by his glimmering eyes. Eyes weren’t supposed to swirl. He slid a soothing hand down the side of her face.
“Hush, my sweet. We mean you no harm.” 


Oooh, sounds wonderful! Love that name Evie too :-)


Maggie Nash said...

And I just friend Shannon Peters is in that anthology too!

Morticia Knight said...

Thanks again Maggie! Hey - how about an excerpt from Shannon as well? ;-)

Maggie Nash said...

Good idea...I'll see if I can coax her over!

Morticia Knight said...


Lisabet Sarai said...

Such different excerpts! Should be a really interesting book!

Congrats to both Morticia and Shannon. And keep the heat turned up high ...

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks for dropping by Lisabet...and I agree. Both stories look so great and also so very different, so the anthology sounds like a fantastic read. I'll be getting it!

Morticia Knight said...

Maggie & Lisabet: Thank you! ;-)As for the heat - you betcha'!

Shannon Peters said...

Thanks for having me, Maggie, and thanks for letting me crash, Morticia!
This is what I love about the anthologies - we don't get to see the other stories until something like this happens, or when it's released. It always amazes me to see the variety in an anthology. It's one of the reasons why I love to read them, and love to write for them!

Maggie Nash said...

Hey glad you dropped by - you shy thing you!