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Thanks for having me today, Maggie. *I love Teasers* This should be on a bumper sticker, don’t you agree? I like to jump straight on in, so here’s a little teaser from my brand spanking new release with Total E-Bound, The Fires of Beltane.

What was supposed to be a celebration of life turns into a festival of fear...

Natalie Devonshire is nervous about attending the invitation only, annual Beltane feast. She’s heard it can be wild and naughty and though intrigued, she plans only to observe. That is, until she meets handsome William Zapata, who convinces her that trying something new can be as fun as it is daring.

William’s been coming to this festival for several years, for one reason only—to spend time with his sometime lover. When he meets Natalie outside the gates, his interest is immediate. He’s drawn to her, and as backward as this celebration makes their introductions, his intention is to keep seeing her long after the festival ends.

Not all is a bed of roses, however. Some attendees see the festival as a way to meet needs of a darker nature. Beltane not only has a history rich in fertility and life, but also has historical ties with the occult. This includes human sacrifice and all the necessary preparations are in order. When people begin to disappear and death explodes around the celebrants, panic ensues.
Trapped and confused, can Natalie and William find out who is behind the destruction of this celebration and stop the spiralling events before they become part of the sacrifice themselves? And when all is said and done, will the attraction between them be strong enough to last, or will they discover their interest was fleeting and best left burning with the fires?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of orgies, gay/lesbian intimacies, anal sex, public sex, the occult, blood and murder. Not for the faint of heart.
     Natalie shot up into a sitting position. A girl tripped over her legs and as Natalie steadied her, she asked, “Did you hear that scream?”

     The girl giggled and shook her head before grabbing Natalie’s head and squashing their lips together. After the huge smack, which was oddly pleasant, the girl pulled back and shouted, “Only the screams of pleasure!” Then the girl jumped up and ran off.

     Natalie sat still. The orchestrated sounds of the night, melodic just moments ago, now seemed disjointed. She strained to listen—sure the scream she’d heard had been one of fear, not pleasure—but no other odd noise met her ears. Telling herself it must have been the sound of someone being taken by surprise, she shook her head and tried to calm her heart rate to find the happy place she’d just been.

     Warm arms settled around her from behind and she jerked.

     “Shh,” came his warm voice. “It’s only me.”

     Strange, how only a few brief moments with this man made him seem like a lifeline to her now. He sat behind her and she leaned against his hard chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

     “William,” she sighed. “I’ve been waiting for you.”

     “I know. I would have been here earlier, but Jordan and I…well…”

     “Is he your lover?” she asked, fighting the jealousy that threatened to rise.

     He shrugged. “At times. Nothing serious, though. We tried that and it never worked out, so we use this night to…touch base, I guess you could say. Did seeing us together bother you?”

     She shook her head. “Honestly, it turned me on. I’ve never seen two men make love before. Was it her imagination or did William seem to relax?

     “I hope you got a good show, then.”

Thanks for reading – have a great Thursday and a Happy Easter!

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Thanks so much for sharing your excerpt today Ayla!  It sounds like a really hot read! Nothing  like getting the pants scared off you! Or him...or them...LOL

What do you think of Horror and erotic romance? A marriage made in heaven? Or should I say hell LOL. Yes, I mean YOU the person reading!  Take a few minutes to leave a comment! I'd love to hear what you think...

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Maggie Nash said...

Just bought it Ayla :-) Weekend reading for me!

Ayla Ruse said...

Great, Maggie. And thanks for having me today!

Jeanne Guzman said...

Horror? Erotic? I think they mix well. Now I'm off to get the book.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Ooh, Ayla!

This sounds intense! I hope you get lots of sales.

I think that horror and the erotic can mix, but it takes real skill to do it well. Sounds like you may have hit the right formula.

Ayla Ruse said...

Thanks Jeanne and Lisabet. Yes, writing a tight erotic horror story was a challenge, but an exciting one.