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Today I have the fabulous Shona Husk joining me with a teaser of one of her books!  Please make her welcome!


Sharing Sirius is book 3 of the Lucinda’s Lover Vampires.

In ancient Vampires, boredom can literally kill. When Jack sees Owen beginning to succumb, he knows he is no longer enough. Owen needs the blood of another lover to survive. So Jack turns to Katya, hoping she can entice Owen into living again.
At first Katya denies her lust to her boss, even though she’s wanted him for years. With Jack promising to look the other way, she has a scorching-hot encounter Owen.
Owen doesn’t want to admit what is happening to him. He doesn’t want to cheat and break Jack’s heart, and yet he can’t resist Katya. But Katya and Jack have their own sexy plan. And neither of them intend to lose Owen.

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     Jack returned Katya’s smile. It didn’t feel natural on his lips. He was going to screw this up. But the distance in Owen’s eyes, how they’d be together but he was a million miles away, stiffened his spine. He wasn’t doing this for himself. He was doing it for Owen.
     “How long have you been working for Owen now?”
     She sipped her drink and shivered as the heat and etheric combined. Chokolat was apparently almost as good as drinking blood. “Three years.”
     Three years. It had been two years since Jack had started to notice the subtle changes in Owen. At first he’d brushed them off, now he couldn’t. He’d tried to broach the subject with Owen more than once, but he didn’t know what to say and Owen didn’t want to hear it even though the ennui was closing in. This was his last chance. He had to put his trust in another Vampire. Trusting Vampires was always risky—he’d learned that the hard way.
Jack took a breath and jumped before he could reconsider. “Has he fancied you that whole time?”
     Her eyes widened. “I… I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her cheeks colored a delicate shade of pink—as if she’d been sunburned. She knew; she just didn’t want to be discussing it with him.
     He totally understood, and would have ignored the attraction between Owen and Katya, but desperate times made men take chances they wouldn’t usually dream of. And he was a desperate man.
     Jack moved closer, his hand landing on the small of her back. She flinched and turned to face him. He didn’t pull his hand away. They were close, too close if Owen walked in. But he wouldn’t. He’d be in the music room toying with melodies like he did every morning. But these days he wasn’t writing anything new. Some days he repeated the same piece again and again. Yet it was the one part of his life where he still found joy and a reason to keep going. Old Vampires eventually suffered from the ennui, a condition that, if left, would cause them to end their lives out of boredom. At seven-hundred years old, Owen was showing the signs.
     Jack couldn’t help Owen on his own. He glanced down at Katya, and the ennui was a problem she couldn’t solve with a half dozen phone calls. However, together…
       “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel his bite?” His free hand trailed down her neck.
       “Wanted to lie naked on his desk?”
       “Jack.” She put her hands on his chest and pushed.
       He let her break free. “Do you want him?”
       Her head moved slightly, a nod, maybe. “He loves you.”
       Jack laughed, but it held no joy. “I know that. But I’ve seen the look in his eyes when you walk in the room.” At first he’d been jealous—who wouldn’t? But then he’d realized that Owen wouldn’t betray him…not even to save himself from the ennui.
     “You have nothing to fear from me, I won’t act on it.”
      “Ah, Katya. You are so young for a Vampire.” He ran his hands up her arms and cupped her face. “I want you to act on your desire.”

Hooo weee!  I love the sexual tension there Shona :-)   Thanks so much for being here today.

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Heather Boyd said...

Wow. Now that was hot. Loved it.

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks so much for being here this week Shona. I love that excerpt and the cover is hot! We had lots of people view the page, but they were very shy! We know you're there folks! Come on - say something!