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Hello Maggie and readers! I'm delighted to be here today.

I'd like to share a PG rated excerpt with you from my short story, When Irish Eyes Are Evil.

Yes! Just in time for St. Patrick's Day! It's about an unusual character a Leanhaum-shee, an Irish vampire. The one in my tale is a bit different from the traditional variety because…well, you'll have to read the story to find out. If you'd like a chance to win a copy, enter my contest shown at the end of this post. Please also visit my website if you'd like to view a steamier excerpt.


A sexy vampire with evil on his mind has Rachael playing detective to find a way to subdue him before he can destroy her. Sent to the space station in lieu of prison, Rachel longs to escape and return to Earth. An encounter with a charming bartender, Brody, makes her reconsider, until she realizes that he is not what he seems. Racing against time, Rachel must find a way to permanently eliminate Brody before she falls prey to his evil plot and is killed in the process. With the help of a sexy crew member, a friend back home and another of Brody’s victims, Rachel devises a dangerous plan to kill the fiend and save herself and other potential victims.

When Irish Eyes Are Evil

Sitting at a back table in Orbitz later that night, she observed Brody behind the bar. How to distract him and get him away from the bar? As she was pondering this, Shawn stepped into the bar. He saw Rachel, hesitated, then came over and sat down.

“I don’t want to intrude—I know you like to spend time alone. I won’t stay long, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed our time together yesterday,” he said with a smile.

Rachel had to smile back. He had such a sweet face, though she knew from their encounter that he was far from innocent. Her skin heated up and her heart gave a strange little flip—but this was no time to get distracted.

“I had a great time, too. I’d love to see you again soon, I just have…something I need to take care of right now,” she told him.
He followed her gaze to the bar.

“You’re certainly paying a lot of attention to our bartender. Should I be jealous?” Shawn asked. “A penny for your thoughts.”

Rachel wanted so desperately to tell him what was going on—to have a friend to rely on—but she couldn’t. She might need his help, though. An idea was forming.

“Brody, the bartender. He has something that belongs to me,” Rachel began. “I need to get behind the bar and get it back. It will only take a minute or two. Do you think you could create some kind of diversion so I could sneak back there?” she asked.

Shawn considered her request for a moment. Rachel had the feeling that he was deciding if he could trust her and she really didn’t blame him. For all he knew, she was planning to rob the place and take off, though that was highly unlikely, since there really was nowhere to go. He finally smiled slightly and nodded.

“I have a plan that should work, but you’ll have to be quick. There’s a pressure line that runs under the bar into the utility closet. I can set off an alarm to make it look like it’s been damaged and Brody should head immediately back to the closet to see what’s wrong. It’s only going to take him a minute or two to figure out that it was a false alarm, so don’t waste any time. Will that work for you?”

“That will be perfect! I’ll be in and out quick as can be.”

“Give me about ten minutes, then listen for the alarm. You won’t hear it too loudly back here, so keep your eyes on the bar. Once Brody realizes there’s nothing wrong, he’ll come out to the bar to reset the alarm. You’re only going to have a few minutes.”

Rachel nodded and Shawn left to set the plan into action.

Rachel chewed her straw as she watched Brody, hoping he wouldn’t notice her attention focused on him and hoping she had made the right choice in trusting Shawn. She had a feeling she had and, to her relief, ten minutes later a faint buzzing noise began to issue from the bar.

Brody immediately stopped what he was doing and bent down to look under the bar. He straightened up and quickly headed to the back closet—and Rachel was on her feet and moving fast. She slid behind the bar after a quick check around to make sure she wasn’t being observed, opened the capped bottle and quickly dumped the contents of the phial she carried into it. The phial of Tala’s blood.

She gave the bottle a couple of shakes, put it back where she found it, and slipped out and back to her table just as Brody returned from the closet. He reached under the bar and fiddled with something and the alarm stopped. He did a little more poking around under the bar, then shrugged and returned to what he had been doing.

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief and went back to chewing her straw as she waited for him to take a sip of his drink. A few minutes later, Shawn reappeared and sat down.

“Did you get what you wanted?” he asked.

“What?” Rachel said, distracted. “Oh—yes, I did!” Keeping one eye on Brody, she said, “Thank you so much, Shawn. I really appreciate it. I’ll get together with you soon and we can—” She stopped.

Brody tipped the bottle and took a big drink. Rachel watched as he set the bottle down, put the cap on, then suddenly clutched his throat. He fell to the ground behind the bar and as several people hurried forward and voices started calling for the medics, Rachel decided it would be a good time to leave.

As she got up, Shawn gently grabbed her wrist.

“Is everything all right? Is there something you need help with?” he asked.

Despite everything, she felt a tingle as his fingers touched her skin. When she looked into his eyes, she saw no suspicion, just concern.

Rachel put her hand on his for a moment and squeezed it.

         “You just helped me more than you know. I think I’m okay now,” she said, and strolled casually out as the medics rushed in.


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Thank you again for having me, Maggie, and a Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!

Naomi Bellina
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