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Good morning folks!  Today I have the pleasure of presenting to you a wonderful excerpt from my good friend Ashlyn Chase.  She has a new release out, and a special treat she's giving us a never before seen snippet from Chapter Two!


Blurb: Lizette has spent three hundred years on earth, but this is her first time in a therapist’s office. Lonely and aimless, she feels that life has lost its meaning…and she’s come to Colin for advice on ending it. If only he weren’t so maddeningly, distractingly attractive, she’d be able to get on with things.

The moment Lizette steps into his office, Colin knows he has to help her. He also knows he has to have her—in every position possible.

As they spend time together, the heat between them rises and clothes come off, revealing Colin to be not only a phenomenal lover, but a picture-perfect nude muse for Lizette’s erotic photographs, as well. But in trying to give Lizette’s life meaning, they might have ruined Colin’s.

You can read Chapter One and buy the book HERE

Here is the excerpt:

Chapter Two
To desire immortality is to desire the eternal perpetuation of a great mistake
                                                                        -- Arthur Schopenhauer

     The admission slammed into Colin like a high-speed impact. Shock waves reverberated through his body and prickles traveled up his spine. “I—I can’t do that. I took the Hippocratic oath and I’d violate my own principles by trying to assist you in suicide. And in your case, you’re right, it could be a disaster. Why would you want to do that?” How can I stop her from trying?
      She shrugged. “What’s to live for? I’ve already told you how lonely I am. How isolated my life has become. What I haven’t told you is how many nights I lay awake, crying my eyes out. And nowadays, I can’t even seek solace in a bit of casual, uncommitted sex.”
     Damn. How he’d love to help her out with that. Watch it, Brayer. She could be trying to manipulate you. But for some reason, he didn’t think so. Her face said she was deadly serious. 
There were times Collin wished he wasn’t a doctor and this was one of them. He leaned forward, hands clasped together, and rested his elbows on his knees. “Listen, Lizette, the reason I don’t believe in suicide is because the very nature of life is change. And as such, feelings change…circumstances change. And with change comes hope. Nothing is inescapeable forever.
     "I sympathize with people’s emotional suffering and that’s why I became a doctor in the first place. I’m here to help. If the problem is depression, it can result in a chemical imbalance. Then the chemical imbalance feeds the depression. It becomes a vicious cycle. The good news is that we have chemicals to restore the balance. I know you don’t like the idea of nature being aided by chemicals but you have no idea how many peoples’ lives have been improved by psychopharmacology.”
      “What’s that?”
     “The science of medication to restore mental health or alleviate emotional suffering. Are you allergic to any drugs?”
     She held up her hand. “No, but stop right there. I don’t want to take drugs.”
     Colin sighed. How many times had he heard that? “They’re not all bad. I wish Nancy Regan had been more specific and said, ‘Just say no to illegal, un-prescribed, addictive drugs.’”
     “But I don’t need drugs.”
      “You said you cry frequently and want to commit suicide. That sounds to me like symptoms of depression--symptoms that could prove to be dangerous. Sometimes, a short trial on antidepressant medication helps make the final diagnosis when it works. And the diagnostic tool becomes the cure at the same time.”
     After a long hesitation, she threw her hands in the air. “If it might help, I guess I can try it. After all, I don’t need to worry about them killing me, do I?”
     Thank God. He couldn’t stop a smile. “No, you don’t. Neither do most people if they take them as prescribed. You may have some side effects but read the enclosures the pharmacy gives you. Report any of those symptoms to me right away.” He whipped out his prescription pad and scribbled her name at the top. His pen hovered over the space next to it. “What do you use as your date of birth?”
     She shrugged. “I don’t have one. Care to make one up for me?”
     He looked at her closely. “I’d say you could have been born in the late eighties, tops.”
     “Okay,” she said. “Make it today’s date, nineteen-eighty-seven. It’s only two-hundred and seventy-five years off, give or take.”
      He paused, then jotted down the date and wrote the instructions. Then he rose and handed the prescription to her. “Take this to a pharmacy on your way home and follow the instructions to the letter. Then come back in a week. Okay?”
     “I might not be able to afford too many more visits. Is it okay if I just call and check in once in a while?” She took the slip of paper and tucked the prescription in her handbag.
     “No. I’ll need to see you in a week.”
     She sighed.
     He had to do something to ensure she’d come back. Perhaps, he could tell her something without giving details that would make her feel less alone.
     He took a deep breath. “You’re not the only one, you know.”
     She bolted upright. “What do you mean?”
     “You’re not the only immortal roaming the earth. You’re not even the only immortal in Seattle.”
     She focused on him intently, her eyes narrowed. “Are you saying you’ve known people like me—and that you truly believe my story?”
     “I’m not committing to anything, yet. As I said, I’m reserving judgment until I get to know you better, but yes…it’s possible. I’ve had a couple patients with immortality related issues. That’s why I advertise the way I do.”
     “Evening hours? Comfortable with unique cases?”
     She locked eyes with him and breathed a quiet, “Oh.” Her perfect, delicate pink lips formed a circle he imagined tightly wrapped around his cock and he almost groaned out loud. Stop it, Colin. For God's sakes!
     “What if I need to talk to you earlier?”
     “I have an answering service that can get in touch with me in an emergency.”
     She tossed her hair over her shoulder. “Good to know. Thanks, Doctor. I feel almost human again.”
     “You’ll probably feel even better next week.”
     “I guess you’ve tested this stuff on immortals before?”
     He smiled. “You’d be surprised.”
     “I wish you could tell me who and where they are but I suppose you can’t.”
     “That’s right. They’re confidentiality is important too.”
     She smiled coquettishly and said, “Maybe just a hint? Please?”
     He gave her a sideways look that he hoped broached no argument.
     “I know, I know. It’s against the rules. See you next week.” She waved and left. Holy Moses! He needed to have a serious talk with his hormones.

Oh, and where can you buy the book again - why HERE of course!
Can I have Colin for MY doctor? Pretty please??  I just bought this book myself, and OMG he is gorgeous!

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Shannon Curtis said...

Can't resist a guy who needs to seriously talk to his hormons! What a unique premise - an immortal who wants to suicide. And who needs therapy. Love it! How on earth did you come up with this story?
P.S. - the cover looks fantastic, too, by the way. Good luck with your book!

Shannon Curtis said...

Er, hormones, not hormons. Sorry, bit sniffly.

Ashlyn Chase said...

HI Shannon,

I love that cover too! I asked for romantic and WOW, it's SO romantic!

How did I come up with this one? Hmmm...not sure. Maybe because I'm a psych nurse and I speak a bit of French? LOL