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The BIG BLISSE KISS - Illuminations

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My special Sunday Snog today is from my Erotic Victorian Historical story - ILLUMINATIONS!


When you dip your finger in the fire – you get burned!
When Darius and his friend Jamie find Gemma, a young scullery maid, peeking through a shaded window at a ménage scene with one of their guests, they have just the right punishment for her.

Gemma finds she is unable to tear her eyes from the scandalous scene in front of her. Why didn’t she run from this act of depravity? And why did watching it make her body feel heat in places she’d never felt heat before?

Before the hot summer evening is over Gemma finds herself at the mercy of not one, but two very handsome young men who not only want to teach her a lesson, but as she soon finds out – she is the lesson, and this time she is the one with an audience.

Reader Advisory: This book contains hot scenes featuring voyeurism and m/f/m sex that some readers may find illuminating.

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Darius stood by his window swirling the brandy in his glass when a flash of movement caught his eye. By the light of the moon he could just make out a reddish glint in the curls of the woman as she hurried to hide in the centre of the hedge.
He continued to watch for a few minutes, but she had yet to reappear.
He smiled. There was no time like the present to start her lessons, he thought. He drained his glass and placed it on the side table near his door as he left the room.
He slipped through the kitchen and reached the garden scant minutes later. He spied a strip of white poking through the leaves of the hedge. Good, he thought.  She was still there. Upon hearing a loud, lusty cry from the other side of the hedge, he knew the reason behind her hiding place.
She really is a naughty girl, he thought. And naughty girls deserve to be taught a lesson.
He walked quietly towards the hedge just as his quarry backed out. He grabbed her upper arms to prevent her colliding into him. “Shh…” he whispered against her ear. “They will hear you.”
She struggled against him, rubbing her delectable bottom against his groin, gasping when his erection pressed against her. Good. He wanted her to know that finding her enjoying a carnal act pleasured him.
“Please let me go, sir,” she whispered.
He smiled, sensing her arousal. “Why would you want to leave, my dear?” Sliding a hand over her arm and brushing her hair aside, he exposed the white skin of her neck. “Just when it’s getting interesting.”
She shivered, turning her head to the side. “We shouldn’t be watching, sir. It’s private.”
He nuzzled her neck and placed his lips against the sensitive spot just below her ear. “That’s where you are wrong. Unless the activities are in a private room, all is open to be seen here at Maitland House.”
Gemma fidgeted, trying to turn to face him. “B-b-but why would anyone agree to th-that? “
He wrapped both his arms around her body, brushing her breasts. “Because, my dear one, this place is about fantasies. Being watched, like watching, is something people enjoy.”
“But that is wicked!”
Darius laughed softly. “Some might say so, but do you really believe that to feel pleasure, to live out your deepest fantasies…is wicked?” he said as he cupped her breasts.
Her nipples lengthened. Gemma gasped and wriggled. I…um…” She leant her body back against his, sighing as her bottom touched his groin.
“Well? I expect an answer, Gemma,” he said, tweaking her nipples and squeezing them gently.
She struggled against him and lifted her arms, covering his hands with her own and tugging at them.
But he held firm. “Answer me. Can you honestly say you would forgo pleasure just because society tells you you must?”
She shook her head back and forth. ”I don’t…I don’t really know, sir.”
His heart lifted at her response. He was correct in believing she was ready for this. “Very good. An honest answer.” He released her nipples and placed his hands on her shoulders, turning her to face him. “Do not ever deny your pleasure or your needs, little one. It leads to many problems, some you would not even dream of.”
“But what if some of those needs are not allowed. What of the new laws?”
“You speak of the Labouchere amendment? I am impressed that you are aware of the affairs of the government.”
She took a step backwards. ”Impressed, sir? Why? Because as a scullery maid I am not expected to read?”
Intrigued with her spirit, he smiled. “Quite frankly, my dear, yes. I have never before met a scullery maid who reads the newspaper.”
She looked up, her eyes flashing and her nostrils flaring. “I was not always a scullery maid sir. Before I came to Maitland House I was a lady’s maid and companion.”
That certainly explained her dignity and her eloquent speech. His interest was truly piqued. “Is that so? And for whom did you fulfil these onerous duties?”
She looked away. “No one of any consequence, sir. You should be more interested in how you keep the constabulary from closing down this household and locking you and the master away in the Old Bailey.”
The sound of more laughter accompanied by footsteps signalled the departure of the couple from the other side of the hedge.
“It seems our friends have left us,” he said as he reached up and slipped a stray curl behind her ear. “Do not worry on our account, we are quite safe within these walls. The master has many friends and clients from the government.”
She shivered when he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. Her skin was as soft as the finest velvet.
“Th-that is very interesting, sir.”
He stepped closer, feeling her soft breath against his neck as he rested his chin on the top of her head. “Yes it is, but not as interesting as you, my dear. Now tell me more about your previous life.”
Moving her head, she tried to step away, but the hedge impeded her progress. “It’s all very boring, sir. I am sure there are others here at Maitland House who are more interesting than I.”
He leant forward, speaking softly against her ear. “I can see you are not ready to trust me yet, little one. But you will in time.”
Her shoulders rose as she shivered, despite the summer evening. “Please, sir, I should go back to my room,” she whispered. “I am needed in the kitchen in a few short hours.”
He sighed, knowing he should not hold her from her duties. “I will let you go when you agree to allow me to gain your trust.”
“I do not understand, sir.”
“If you will agree to meet with me tomorrow, I will show you more ways to feel pleasure.” He placed a finger over her lips. “Before you say no, I will assure you that nothing will happen unless you allow it to. If you ask to stop our lessons, I will honour your wishes.”
She stared at him, her face a picture of innocence. “I am not sure what you are asking, sir.”
“I want to show you what is possible. I want to teach you not to deny your feelings or that wonderful passion I see beneath your very proper appearance.” He kissed her lightly on her forehead, her skin warm and soft against his lips.
She looked away from him, her bottom lip caught between her teeth. “I shouldn’t, sir.”
He smiled.  “But you will.”
Still she refused to look at him. “You will let me go if I ask it of you?”
“You have my word as a gentleman.”
“Please, sir. May I have this night to think about it?”
He cupped her face with both hands, turning her to face him. “Look at me, Gemma.”
She slowly raised her eyes. “Please?”
His face was barely inches from her mouth. Her sweet breath mingled with his as he whispered against her lips. “You have until morning.”
She licked her bottom lip.
“Here is something to help you think about it.” His mouth covered hers.
He had expected to coax her mouth open, but nothing prepared him for the spark of electricity once their lips met. His tongue licked along the seam of her mouth and she willingly opened for him, allowing him to invade the velvet depths. She sighed as he explored her mouth, flicking in and out slowly and sending heat coursing through his veins.  He licked and tongued and suckled her mouth as she leant into his embrace. 
He struggled to withdraw, especially as his cock was as hard as a pole, but he knew the pleasure that awaited them on the morrow was worth some self-restraint now. As he eased away from the kiss, he smoothed his hands down her shoulders and gently pushed her back. Her eyes were burning with need and he almost took her again, but reluctantly held back. “Until tomorrow, little one.”
Her breathing was ragged as she stared at him for a few more seconds before walking to the house. He kept watching as she slipped back through the kitchen door, closing it softly behind her.
Only then did he allow himself to adjust his trousers. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day indeed.

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Victoria Blisse said...

Wonderful, I love Historical romances and the saucier the better! Thanks for joining in the Bog Blisse Kiss.

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Victoria ;-).

Those Victorian Gents were rather kinky!


Virginia E said...

While some of Victorians were a bit kinky, I'm so glad that my culture doesn't demand that I as a woman be so appallingly ignorant of my body. Gemma certainly could have done a lot worse than Darius & Jamie.

This is next on my reading list.

barb said...

Hi Maggie

Good blog.... read the book and enjoyed it..... good to see you at the ARRA awards and lunch


Tamsyn said...

Enjoyed the excerpt! Sounds like a great menage romance in the making.

Amy S. said...

Sounds great. Loved the excerpt. I'll have to get this book.

amysmith98 @

Phuong said...

Excerpt sounds good. Looks like another one in the TBR list. Thanks for chance at a giveaway.

savannah said...

Loved the excerpt, can't wait to read this

helene tompkins said...

Hi , I just wanted to say I'm not that into the historical romance style ,I am more into the paranormal, sci-fi and fanstay stuff,but if this is what the historical style is like I need to bend over and kick myself in the butt , BOY have I been missing out on some FABLOUS stories :( bUT mom didn't raise no fool's I now have a new type os reading style to look for , WAY to go on the excerpt you SOLD me :)

Jacki C. said...

That is my kind of historical romance!



Brandy B aka Brandlwyne said...

Mmmmm... I would love to be that maid :) I like your blog.

brandyzbooks at yahoo dot com

Cathy M said...

Great blog post and excerpt, you've made my wish list.

Happy Valentine's Day

cathy m
caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Stacey Jo said...

Wow Maggie :) If that won't get Cupid hot and bothered....Nothing will! A shamelessly sinful Sunday Snog <3 Thank you Maggie and Victoria XOXOXO!
Stacey Jo

bakinstuff (AT) Yahoo (DOT) com

Anne said...

Gemma and I were both left wanting more....

Cathy M said...

Oh very lovely, and deliciously wicked.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Virginia! I hope you enjoy it :-)
Hi Barb - yes it was great to catch up! It was over too soon though :=(
Tamsyn - oh yes, it's a menage with a twist, and that's all I'm saying :-)
Hi Phuong! I hope you like it! Its a bit different to my other books :-)
Hey Savannah - thanks for dropping by!
Helene - glad to hear it! I love all the same genres that you do, but this story just spoke to me, so I had to write it. It's my first historical!
Thanks Jacki! It was fun to write :-)
Brandy - yes, I was wishing I was her while I was writing it. Thanks for the feedback on my blog! I redid it recently so I'm glad you like it!
Hi Cathy! Happy Valentine's day to you too! You were so excited you posted twice!
Stacey Jo - that was the effect I was going for!
Okay Anne - you'll have to read the rest of the book now!

Thanks everyone for coming to my blog today for the Big Blissekiss! Stay tuned for my drawing of the winner!

Kaetrin said...

I'm so jealous you got to go to the ARRA Awards. I have a friend about to move to Sydney so maybe I can go next year and crash at her place? You never know!

Anyway, thx for the excerpt. :)

shadow_kohler said...

Sounds wonderful! Great excerpt! Thank you so the wonderful giveaway! Happy Valentines!

VampedChik said...

Books on top of my tbr pile! :) Great excerpt! Thanks!

Maggie Nash said...

Kaetrin - next year is in Brisbane! March! Save your pennies! Lots of cheap flights too :-)

Shadow - thanks so much for dropping by! Happy Valentine's to you too!

Hi Amber - I hope you enjoy it! Drop me a line and let me know what you think :-)

Folks, I've decided to wait until Valentine's Day to announce the winner - so keep those comments coming! I'll announce it in the morning US Eastern time so you can go and buy some books to help you enjoy your Valentine's Day!