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Hey, it's time for the Sunday Snog again folks!  This week I have a snippet from THE DREAM MASTER. I just love Hels and Dim.

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BLURB: Working undercover and pretending to be lovers with his long-time work partner should have been a piece of cake—except good ole 'Hels' wasn’t the person Dimitri thought she was.

Genre Suspense
Book Length Novella
Erotic Rating Total-e-burning
eBook Format ePub/HTML/PDF/MSReader(lit)/Mobipocket(prc)
eReaders Supported All current eReaders
Send direct to Kindle? Yes
Cover art by April Martinez
ISBN# 978-0-85715-289-3

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Dimitri tried to read his partner’s face as their captain outlined their assignment. Hels must be as freaked out as he was, but for the life of him, he couldn’t see any sign of it. The orders were to go undercover in the Dream Master’s, posing as a couple searching for the key to happiness. Since her revelation about Morpheus’ methods, she must have known there was a chance they would have to do some heavy-duty playacting to look the part. It shouldn’t be too hard since they were such great buds. She wasn’t beautiful in the classic sense, but she was attractive in her own way. He trusted her completely and was pretty sure she trusted him too, but still, it was a bit disconcerting. The slight tic in a small muscle near her eye was his first warning she wasn’t as controlled as she pretended.
“You can’t be serious, Boss.” Her face turned the dark shade of red it always did when she was riled up. “Dim and I can’t pose as lovers. We’re cops, for God’s sake.”
She whirled around to face him, her eyes pleading for him to intervene. He couldn’t. It was a damn good idea and probably their best bet to catch this bastard. “Aw, c’mon Hels.” He smiled at her, trying to ease her worry. “It won’t be too bad. You know I’m housebroken.”
She glared at him before turning back to the captain. “It’ll affect our working relationship which means we can’t do our job if that happens. There has to be another way.”
Captain Richards closed the file in front of him and sat back in his chair. “This is the only way, Peters, and you know it. Consider it an order.”
“But, Boss—”
The captain held up his hand, blocking her reply. “No buts. You and Dim make a great team and I expect you both to act professionally. Got it?”
They both stood, knowing when the boss meant business.
Dimitri got in first with a reply, “Yep.”
The captain stared at Helena. “Peters?”
She nodded, clearly unhappy but there was no other choice. “Yes, sir.”
Helena moved out the door and stormed down the corridor to her desk. She grabbed her bag and headed for the back entrance. Dimitri chased after her and jumped in the passenger seat of her Corolla as she fired up the ignition.
“What the fuck are you doing in my car?” she said through clenched teeth.
“We should talk about this, Hels.”
“We will. Later. Right now I want to spend some time on my own to get my head around this. Now get out of my car!”
Her face was no longer red. In fact, it was a pale shade of green. Did posing as lovers really affect her that way? “Does the thought of pretending to get it on with me worry you that much, kiddo?”
She turned her head away from him and stared out the window at a couple of rookies walking past in their squeaky-clean, new uniforms. He waited. After a little while, she turned back to face him again, looking a little better than a few seconds before. At least her colour had improved.
She gripped the steering wheel tightly, her knuckles turning white. “It’s not that, Dim. I’m just not very experienced with all that stuff. I’m not sure I can be convincing.”
He let out a sigh of relief. Was that all it was? “Okay, we can deal with that. Let’s go get some coffee while we come up with a game plan.”
She shrugged and looked behind her before reversing out of the parking place. “I suppose we can’t afford to muck around with this. Andre’s?”
“Nah, we need to keep this conversation private. How about your place?” Maybe she’ll relax more on her own turf. They could do this, he was sure of it. All he had to do was to get her to relax and remind himself she was his partner, not his current girlfriend. It could get messy otherwise.
Once they sat in her living room, Dimitri rethought his idea that being in her apartment would help her relax. Helena sat with her legs curled up tightly beneath her and was looking around the room—anywhere but at his face. Shit. He had to do something to break the ice or they’d get nowhere with this investigation. She was really stressed out about this. He needed to show her how easy it could be before she really freaked out.
Rising, he walked over to her chair and stood in front of her. She looked up at him, her eyes wary.
“What are you doing, Dim?”
“Put down your cup, Hels.”
She unfurled her legs and reached over to place her cup on the table. Here was his chance and he wasn’t going to waste it. In a quick move, he hooked his hands under her armpits, pulled her to her feet and swooped down on her mouth.
She twisted and attempted to turn away, but he placed his hands on either side of her head, holding her firmly in place. He traced her lips with his tongue and she gasped. At the unexpected opening, he invaded her mouth, exploring every crevice, thrusting deeper and deeper. Oh God, she tastes so good
Her hands slid up to his shoulders and she squeezed gently, drawing him closer to her. Her hair smelt of strawberries, a scent he suddenly found incredibly alluring. Sparks between them well and truly ignited a heat he never, ever expected. Shit, this is Hels. She moaned as he angled his head to taste more. He sucked in her sweet breath, groaning when she unconsciously wriggled her body against his straining jeans.
What the fuck am I doing? He couldn’t be getting a hard on? Not with Hels. She’s his partner, his buddy. They were just practicing for the mission. Fuck. Pushing gently on her shoulders, he broke their lip lock. His erratic breathing made speech fairly impossible, so he just stared at her face, trying to figure out what happened.
She stared back, those beautiful indigo eyes shining with arousal. Damn, where did that thought come from? He’d never noticed how beautiful they were before. And he’d never noticed them aroused before. Shit. This is Hels.
He dragged his gaze from hers and pushed her gently away. She landed with a small bounce on the couch across the other side of the coffee table as he backed up a few steps. His hand shook as he raked his fingers through his hair before smiling at her stunned expression.
“I guess we now know we can be convincing.” 

Gotta love Dim! Don't you just want to eat him up?


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Phuong said...

Recently read this book and Dim was "dreamy" *sigh*
Dim & Hels were great work partners as well as a couple. Love reading romantic suspense books :-)

Maggie Nash said...

Oh thanks Phuong! That's what I was aiming for, so it's really wonderful when someone else gets it too :-)

Victoria Blisse said...

Blimey, there's some heat there, mate! Thanks for joining in the Sunday Snog!

Maggie Nash said...

Why thank you Victoria! It gets hotter..."evil grin"

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hey Maggie!

Happy Snogday!

I do love a reluctant heroine putting duty before pleasure. Brings out the best in a hero!

Cherie Noel said...

Holy Hotness, Batman! I think I singed my superhero tights!

ME! said...

Good grief! I almost slipped out of my chair. This is going on my wish list for my next kindle buying spree!

Maggie Nash said...

Lisabet! Thanks so much for visiting! Yes, I love these two characters. They were a lot of fun to write

Cherie - I hope you didn't do too much damage to the tights!

Hi ME! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did writing it!