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Thanks so much, Maggie, for having me on your blog today. It’s great to be here on this
Autumn day.  

A Knight of Passion is my most recent release with Total E-Bound.

Lady Riana Ellis will risk the fires of Hell for those she loves. Can she let a man do the
same for her?

I really love writing Scottish medieval romances. I once had a reviewer refuse to review
one of my Medievals after having read the book. I was a little taken aback, and asked
why. I don’t expect everyone to love my work, but her refusal was rather firm. Her
response “…the characters didn’t seem to like each other very much.”

I was never more relieved to hear a reason why a reader didn’t care for one of my books.

I was even a little pleased. This reader had never read a Medieval, so the subgenre was a
complete unknown to her. While I might disagree about the characters not liking one
another, she did hit upon what is one of the underlying elements of Medievals, and one
very big difference from other historical romances such as Regencies: Medieval life was
a hard no nonsense era.

People lived much shorter lives than we do today. They died of all sorts of diseases.
Money wasn’t plentiful. The average woman, while industrious and canny as ever, had to
operate through the men in her life. Women of later periods certainly didn’t enjoy the
same opportunities we do today, but they were emancipated compared to Medieval
women. All this and more equates to a straightforward way of thinking and acting.
During the Regency period, gentility and manners were the way of life. One did not insult
someone by being too honest. Constraint was a must. Medieval people, however, were
openly fierce. War was a way of life, which meant warriors and knights were very tough

It’s not surprising then, that the tone and emphasis of these two subgenres would be so
different. Honor was at the heart of both these eras, so the same human impulses drove
them, but the expression was polar opposites. Regency people were understated and quiet
in their unspoken honor. Medieval people warred for honor.

A knight in shining armor slaying the dragon for his lady fair is still one of the most
popular romantic notions today. Just what is it that makes the noble knight so interesting?
Men have been willing to fight for their women throughout the ages. (That is, after all,
one of their more endearing qualities. Heh heh.) So, are you a fan of Medieval times
when men were tough and, yes, women were even tougher?

A Knight of Passion

As whore for the Duchess of Arundel, Lady Riana Ellis keeps her sister safe from the
duke’s lascivious desires. But the duchess now demands that Riana murder the man
already sent to her bed.

Sir Bryant Cullen determines to have the duchess’ whore. Her land is a prize, but it’s her
secrets he wants. Once he knows what she knows, he will control one of the most
powerful houses in Scotland. And she will be his.

      Here’s a bit from Sir Bryant Cullen—

      Bryant had had his share of whores, but never one who was owned, and
certainly not one who should be sitting before her own hearth, awaiting the
return of her husband. When he’d seen her earlier, he’d decided he would seek
her out, taste of her sweet body, but only if she was willing.
      Her fingers tightened on his arm. Dark eyes pleaded with him.
      “All is well, Lady,” he whispered. “You need not fear that I will complain.
You are free to go.”
      She tugged the sheet from their bodies, and he thought she was going to
leave. Instead, she spread her thighs, and he couldn’t halt the downward slide of
his eyes along delectable curves that led to dark curls, stark against creamy flesh.
He glimpsed moist folds and his cock jerked. His mouth went dry. He had
imagined tasting of her sweet juices, but to have her so close now, ready,
willing—he jarred from the thought. She was not willing. She was only here at
the command of her mistress.
      She reached between them and he remained frozen when she wrapped
her fingers around his cock. She squeezed. He gritted his teeth against the
intense pleasure. Her slim, white fingers gripping his girth sent the blood
pounding through his veins. He wanted her from the moment he’d laid eyes on
her in the great hall, even knowing what she was. Dark hair that hung nearly to
her waist, dark eyes, and breasts so full they begged for a man’s touch…his
mouth. He took in a ragged breath, desperate for control. His cock hardened
more. Lust swamped him.
      She tightened her hand on his neck and pulled his head downwards.
Bryant felt himself stepping over the edge, then he plummeted when her full
breasts crushed beneath his chest. She threw a leg over his hip and arched
against his rod. Soft curls tickled his flesh.
      “Lady,” he rasped as her soft mouth melted beneath his.
      He thrust his tongue against her lips. As before, she opened without
hesitation. He swept inside. Her hand fell away from his cock, but she pressed
her mound against the hard length. He groaned and thrust against her. She
rocked, and his shaft slid through her curls. If he pulled back, he could thrust
inside her in one easy move. She was surely wet and ready.
      He pulled back, breathing hard. “I will not force you.”
      “I am yours to do with as you please.”
      “You offer yourself only because—“
      She pulled him close, his ear against her lips again. “I beg you, do not
leave until the sun rises.”
      She emphasised the plea by rubbing her sex against him. He groaned at
feel of her slick folds gliding down his thigh, but forced himself to pull away. She
flattened a palm on her belly and his gaze followed the downward skim of her
fingers until they brushed her curls then dipped into the glistening folds. Slowly,
she opened her cunt lips, baring herself to him. She shifted and his breath caught
when she cupped a full breast and brought the hardened nipple to her mouth.
He watched, unable to move, as she suckled the tip.
The breast slipped from her mouth and he jarred from the trance. She cupped the
back of his neck and brought his mouth down to the stiff, rosy peak. He greedily
sucked it into his mouth, hungry for the taste of her, all of her. He was a fool to
have thought he could walk away from this woman.

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Oh thank you Tarah for being my special guest today. I have to say I LOVE medieval romances and your book looks so hot! Not only that but I notice it has some excellent reviews! Congratulations!


Maggie Nash said...

Thanks for being my special guest today Tarah! I will be reading A Knight of Passion very soon :-)

Tarah Scott said...

I have gotten some very nice reviews, thankfully. ROFL. Thanks so much for having me!