Sunday, 27 February 2011


A very open question - but I will finish it off


Well if not you have an opportunity to sample one in March 2011. The Australian Romance Readers Association are holding their 2nd romance readers convention at the Swiss Grand Resort and Spa at Bondi Beach from 25 March through to 27 March. It is an opportunity not to be missed.

More information can be found in our registration brochure:

Here are 10 good reasons to attend:

1. Meeting some of your favourite authors from Australia and overseas. There will be 25 authors attending, including our keynotes speakers Cindy Gerard from the United States, Nalini Singh from New Zealand and our own Anna Campbell from Queensland.

2. Get your books signed. There will be a book-signing on the Saturday afternoon and who doesn't love an autographed book?

3. Meeting other romance readers. This is your opportunity to meet likeminded people who understand where you are coming from and what you are talking about when discussing perhaps a rake or a shape shifter.

4. Recommendations. Always a great place for recommendations on new authors and books. Who doesn't like having a to be read pile?

5. Fun. And of course all the fun to be had when there are such a great group of romance readers and authors together in one place.

6. Panels. Listen to the authors discuss various topics related to the genre they write in.

7. Awards dinner. On the Saturday night there will be an awards night where the winners of the Australian Romance Readers Awards will be announce. Have dinner with your favourite authors and be there to hear the winning names announced.

8. Welcome reception. Meet authors and new and old friends at the welcome party on the Friday night—a great way to start the event.

9. Silent Auction. The Silent Auction to raise funds for the Queensland flood victims has more than 160 items listed. Authors from around the world have donated some awesome items that you can bid on. Browse through the items here:

10. Giveaways. I am sure you will come home with a lot of books and lot more friends and will be anxiously awaiting the next convention.

I do hope you will join us for a fantastic weekend

Some of our committee members will be popping in to answer any questions you may have.


Anonymous said...


Camille said...

SUPRE EXCITED!! BUt I keep forgetting to ask, how many books are we allowed to bring to get signed per author?

Jess Dee said...

Woot! Can't wait.
I'll be there, with bells on.

Maggie Nash said...

Hi Alice, Camille and Jess. I am so looking forward to this one! It's going to be so much fun:-) It's not too late to bring more friends along with you either!

Hey Camille...the committee will pop in soon and will be very happy to answer that for you.

Debbie said...

Hi Camille - no limit on the number of books you can bring - but if the lines get busy we might ask people to just get three signed per author at a time and then re-join the queue

Helen said...

Hi All

Firstly thank you Maggie for having us visit today it is always great to talk about the convention and as you have said it is not too late to register to come along the more the merrier.

I too am so excited about this convention I had such a fantastic time at ARRC09 that there is no way I would miss this one.

It will be great meeting everyone and with so many wonderful authors there to. I am trying very hard at the moment to read at least one book from each author that is going to be there I am making headway but somehow I don't think I am going to make it LOL.

Camille to answer your question at the moment I think it will depend on how many people are waiting in the line if you have lots (which is the case with me as well) and the queue is a long one then perhaps you can get a few signed and then get back on the end of the line again. I am sure some of the other committee members will be able to answer this one as well

Have Fun

Kandy Shepherd said...

Maggie, as an author, I am so looking forward to my first ARRA convention, meeting readers and other like minded, romance-loving people! Can't wait!

Camille said...

thanks for the answers Debbie & Helen and I'm looking forward to meeting you all! I may be less talkative in person though, and tongue tied lol

Helen said...


It is going to be wonderful catching up again I am so glad you will be there.

It is always something special getting together with like minded people who really understand what we read and why we love it so much

Have Fun

Helen said...


I remember thinking how quiet I would be at ARRC09 but believe me it won't take long to feel a part of everything LOL

Looking forward to meeting you as well

Have Fun

Helen said...


It is going to be great to meet you and I too am excited.

What are you most looking forward to

Have Fun

Debbie said...

Hi Camille

I'm sure you will make lots of friends and won't be tongue-tied for long.

I should also mention that there will be books on sale there - and Ever After give all ARRA members a 10% discount, so make sure you bring your membership card with you so you can get a discount on any books you buy.


Bob said...

Just to spend time with people who love romance.... and don't look at you cross eyed when you talk about books, lol. As for being shy? Don't worry about it, as Helen said, you'll soon get chatting with ease. Looking forward to EVERY part of the conference,

C. M said...

oooops!!! Bob???Bob??? how'd that happen?? He'd have a hearty if he knew his name was on a romance blog!!!!ROTFLMAO

Maggie Nash said...

ROFLMAO!!! crack me up! LOL...

barb said...

I am looking forward to ARRC2011
Heard so much about ARRC2009 and had a good time last year at the ARRA awards night... everybody was so friendly

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Maggie,
I only wish I could come this time around. I went to the first conference and it was fabulous.



Angela Verdenius said...

Oh, I so wanted to go! But unfortunately finances aren't good this year (same for all of us!), but I'm saving for 2013 LOL. 2009 in Melbourne was a blast, it was so awesome to meet everyone, both fellow authors and readers (and hey, authors are readers to!). I hope you all have a great time - someone just remember to raise a glass of Diet Coke for me!