Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Please welcome Guest Blogger Toni Andrews!

As part of her "Cry Mercy" tour, bestselling paranormal thriller author Toni Andrews is dropping by to answer a few deep and meaningful questions from me and also to tell us about her latest release. She's turned my interview into a live broadcast, which is pretty cool I think :-)

Here it is and it's a really fun interview...then follow the links to check out her books, websites and other ventures :-)

Fistly, here is the link to the storycast website Toni mentions in her interview:
Here’s the link: http://storycasting.com/work.aspx?id=d543087a-f12d-4022-8bb8-f984f19d0c82. What a fun site!

Toni's links:
Toni's web site: http://toniandrews.com/
Link for tour (with address for SASE's): http://toniandrews.com/CryMercyTour.htm
Toni's Blog: http://tinyurl.com/ToniBlog
Toni's TV show: http://toniandrews.com/SoManyBooks.htm
Cry Mercy Trailer: http://tinyurl.com/75vl4s

Links to purchase Toni's books:

Mira Books (discounted while they last!) http://tinyurl.com/oe8tkd
Amazon Link: http://tinyurl.com/CryMercy
Amazon UK Link: http://tinyurl.com/prh6ej
Barnes and Noble: http://tinyurl.com/pxrx9f
Indigo Books (Canada): http://tinyurl.com/qcycaf
Rendezvous Romance (Australia) http://tinyurl.com/r4g56z

You really must check out that book trailer!

Thanks for dropping by Toni!


Anne said...

That was hilarious glad that never happened to me. I don't think I would have been as resourceful as Kate was. I tend to freeze in those kinds of situations.My dating days, at my age, are few and far between.

BuffySquirrel said...

Eh, my bad date was when my now-husband took me to a double bill at the cinema, and the second film turned out to be a porno.

Not a patch on what happened to Toni!

HockeyVampiress said...

LOL I know someone who thinks if he shows it .... I should use it I kinda think all males think this.

Dates....ummm went out on a movie date with crush and his date and his friend. They decided to go parking and ummmm so sorry not interested in watching guy I wanted to be with macking someone else while his friend was putting his moves on me.....

Nicole H. said...

LOL! OMG! That was too funny! I actually went on a blind date with a guy who took me to a cajun restaurant. After we had eaten a couple of crawfish for an appetizer he started to go on about the "big catch" I had made with him. I looked at him like he was crazy and said "Big catch?". He unzipped, thank god we were in a corner booth, and starts stroking himself. His face got really red and he hurried and zipped back up and rushed off for the bathroom. The waitress came over to make sure everything was ok, and i started laughing. "Yeah, everything is great! These crawfish are really spicy!" She smiled and started to walk away, when she noticed I was laughing so hard she said- "make sure to use a napkin to wipe your eyes, we don't want the seasoning to get in them." I just about fell out of my chair laughing. I just hope the jerk learned not to play with himself after handling spicy food! Or maybe not..... LOL oh the stupidity of some men!

Maggie Nash said...

Hey You guys crack me up! I love the bad date stories!

Nancy J. Cohen said...

I'm so impressed by your video talents. Maybe you should do a workshop on how to do that? Anyway, good luck finding a publisher for The Cougar Club. It sounds like a hit.

Genella deGrey said...

These guys desperately need literary justice done on them.

Power to the writer, girls!

Nichole - I think we can call your blind date, "Cajun Willie" from now on! LOL


Cym Lowell said...

Maggie-Thanks for having guest blogger, Toni Andrews. I really enjoyed the broadcast and Kate's (aka. Toni's) date story. I wanted to let you know that I am spotlighting your blog (Toni's entry) on my blog Friday. I will have a link and your web banner posted. Maybe I can send some traffic your way!


Maggie Nash said...

Thanks so much Cym...

I really enjoyed having Toni visit here. Her story is hilarious and so is the video. Her books are fabulous too :-)

and extra traffic is always good :-)