Saturday, 12 January 2008

Caring for our neighbours...

Do you know who your neighbors are? Can you tell if something isn't quite what it should be?

Last week here in Sydney a man was found dead in his flat and had been so for 12 months and no one noticed. How could this happen you say?

Quite easily it seems. His rent was automatically paid from his bank account, which was automatically being replenished with his pension every month. The electricity had been cut off, but no one noticed the lights were never on. Meals on Wheels continued to be delivered and someone else ate it!

Why didn't someone notice?

What a testament to today's society where we get so wrapped up in our own busy lives that we don't have time to spare a minute for our neighbors. Maybe it's time to slow down and look around at what is happening.

I think I will go visit my neighbors tomorrow morning! What about you?

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