Sunday, 2 December 2007

Sven update this week was not so good. I seem to be saying that every week lately, mores the pity. However 3 of my sons had a very bad gastro bug and it took a lot of my time looking after them, the poor mites. And then this weekend the contract retrieval struggle continues to distract me with emails going back and forth to the other authors and the lawyer. Hopefully that will be sorted out next week once and for all.

Sometimes it's hard standing up for a principle. You get left behind and treated like a second class citizen...*sigh*. Authors need protection from bankruptcy and what the trustee assumes control of. Hopefully we will have achieved something in our fight. Okay, off my soap box now...

Oh well. I still believe some progress is better than no progress.

Total this week: 2042
Total for Sven: 12,744
WIP Total: 25,897

So it's not too bad. I have gone over the 25k wordcount I predicted for the story, however there are still 3 scenes to write to finish the story off properly, so hopefully that will happen in the next week. Then I can get on to the next project.

I hope everyone else went well...


Heather said...

Sorry to hear everyone's been so sick. Here's hoping they're all feeling better, an that the legal issues sort themselves out soon!

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Heather...the sickies are all better. The legal stuff will hopefully be sorted on Tuesday..