Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Checking in with Sven!

Okay, so I didn't get a good start.

The first two days were difficult due to family and health issues, but today I managed to do 810 words.

I promised 750...but with the 2 days behind, I still have 1440 words to catch up on this week. I WILL do it!


Ashlyn Chase said...

Go, Maggie, go!

I usually try 3K to 5K per week depending on health/family etc.


Aline de Chevigny said...

OOo Maggie that isn't so bad actually LOL

Witht he packing and readying to come back to work I think my Sven count is 575 words LOL


Toni Anderson said...

That is amazing Maggie, good for you!!

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Ash...I was thinking 750 words a day was pushing it, but still doable...I hope to get into a rhythmn.

Aline...hey, that's not too bad. Anything is better than nothing at all!

Thanks Toni...with all that stuff happening, I needed something to focus me back on to the writing, which is of course what it is all about!

Michelle Hasker said...

You can do it!!!

It's hard to write when you don't feel good.

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Michelle...I am getting there...slowly does it, but hey, the tortoise beat the hare!