Saturday, 23 June 2007

Latest Reviews for The Master's Prize

A new review for The Master's Prize...

"I enjoyed this book very much. There were a couple of instances where I felt it was a little much, attitude and reaction-wise, and that was the only thing that kept me from giving it five hearts. I saw a lot of myself in Elise, and I think many other women will as well. We all pitter patter around something and avoid it, and then when we have it we decide we want more and more and more, to stretch it to its outmost limits. But sometimes, we get a hell of a lot more than we bargained for. And Mitch was the whole package wrapped up with a nice, neat bow on top. Definitely one I’d like to have chasing me! The sex was hot, and I’d love to have someone treat me the way Mitch treats a woman. Some pampering now and then would be a little nice. *Grin* Yes, anyone enjoying BDSM will most definitely enjoy this story of self-discovery and the journey through it.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Tera Cuskaden
June 21, 2007"

Not bad! Thanks Tera!

Those of you that have read it...would you like to give us your personal reviews?

My ego needs a stroke this week... :-)


Sloane Taylor said...

Congratulations on the wonderful review, Maggie.

As an reader of The Master's Prize I must say this book kept me enthralled from page one. Your writing is snappy and every woman should have a Mitch in her life.

Maggie Nash said...

Thanks Sloane!

That's so nice of you to come and post.

Oh yes, I wrote him as every woman's fantasy!