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Some time ago I met this wonderful person on Facebook. He loves to read and is incredibly supportive of romance fiction. At the time I was looking for special guests for my blog and Ozzy replied. How can I resist such a charming German! He also has a fabulous blog that you must check out! (You can translate the page clicking on the Google translator that pops up at the top of the page :-)

So please welcome my very special guest today for MONDAY MAGIC - Ozzy Wolf!

Dear Maggie,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your invitation to write an article for your blog. An article about me and my readings. I also want to thank you for what you said about my own blog. Your words went deep into my heart. I want to tell you the same about your site, which I love too, and which I always like to visit. I'm very happy to be here! ♥

I want to follow your suggestion and I will try to tell you and your lovely readers a little bit more about me, my readings, the reasons and about my blog. Finally, I want to introduce a few German authors of sensual stories. Authors, whose stories I love to read.

Who am I? Who is this Ozzy?

I'm living alone, ... But that's an other topic. :) I'm 38 years young and my star sign is the cancer. I think those are the main reasons that I ever read so much, whenever my time permits. It is also the reason that I read these books and I especially enjoy reading the erotic genre. Currently I read it somehow really gladly, and I don't like to miss it. In addition, I love romantic and fantasy books. I am a day dreamer, a night dreamer, an optimist. I am always curious and open to new ideas. And, I love dragons and wolves.

But, back to the erotic novels,… As a cancer I'm very sensitive, very emotional, I love the romance and the love. Even the love itself is something that I miss very much currently in my real life. The intimate proximity. The confidence we are giving each other then. The togetherness. Knowledge and safeness of one's own partner, and his love. And so on. And so on.

I know some wonderful German authors. I can recommend them all to you by my whole heart. I loved and I love reading their books. I read them, because they give me what my yearning heart desires so much. Whether, short or long stories, or whole novels. Reading their books, I am moved to tears again and again, I find it hard to breathe, I lift off, fly away and start to rave about the destinys, losing me in the stories, and so on. In short, I become then very sentimental. Easily, I love their stories. These are full and wonderful stories of someone, I grow fond of them, without exception. Someone, who I begin to miss at the end of each story.

I think you can see, the genre gives me all the things, which are close to my longing heart. I hope one day to be able to give someone what I get reading my favorite books. Emotion and devotion. Also my blog is an expression of what I have to give, and what I want to give all my lovely readers. In love.

Finally, I am a computer specialist, and I work at the IT department of a research institute as a script- and a web developer and as a content manager. I love to meet new people from all over the world, and to make friendships. My friends mean everything to me and my blog is my loveliest hobby, which comes from my whole heart. It is my form to say 'Thank you' to all writers in the world and to give my love to all of its readers.

Authors and my recommendations

Now I wanted to try to describe to you two passages from a book I've read a few months ago. A book titled Der Freibeuter und die Piratenlady written by Inka Loreen Minden. A book that is still affecting me in memory, even today. But, I lack the right words to describe it to you the same way I did in my German review. So, allow me to give you the link to my review, and to hope, Google's Translator will do all at its best.

Every time I read my own review I'm moving to tears. Simply, I love this story.

Click HERE to read my review

By the way, I invite you, Maggie, and all of your readers to visit my blog. I'm looking forward to see all of you also there! ♥

There are too many. There are simply to many authors I love to read. Also authors I daily discover new to me. Authors I love, deep in my hungry and feeling heart. I seriously can you name them all in my post. I would also not like to miss to mention any of them. But there are a few authors from the recent past, whose books have rekindled the desire in me. Authors whose books are just the hammer, and belong in every shelf, in my eyes. Authors to whom I wish with all my heart success and that their books were translated into other languages, so all lovely and hungry readers from all over the world will be able to discover their erotic, emotional and fantastic worlds together with me. I'm very pleased to be a friend of some of these wonderful authors. Womens and girls, who I never will miss again! ♥ Most of their books I read are not only erotic novels. I love the love and the emotions some books arouse in my heart and in my mind. ♥ Five of these wonderful authors are …Inka Loreen Minden  (aka Lucy Palmer), Aveleen Avide, Sandra Henke, Lara Sailor and Natalie Frank

I love them all, and also all the others, who are not mentioned here! ♥

They all write wonderful short stories or whole erotic novels. Most of them repeatedly contain fantasy elements, very much heart, love and emotion, a lot of new ideas and surprises. Stories that change the reader himself and never release him again. Unforgettable Stories, which finally I love to read and to think of. Stories, which touch the readers heart. Stories, which give to me all the things my heart needs and desires.

I bow in gratitude and thankful to all of you, writers all over the world and my lovely friends!

Because I also love to read fantasy books, I love all the trilogies of Licia Troisi, too. She is an Italian writer, and she writes wonderful young adult fantasy about young girls in a world of dragons. Love them all.

Thank you very much, Maggie! ♥

Wish you and all of your readers only the best!
Have you all a wonderful and sensual Christmas and a Happy New Year!
In love, your Ozzy


Thanks so much for being my special guest today Ozzy!  It's wonderful to see a man who is not afraid to express his emotions. I loved reading about your favourite German authors too.  They are all new to me, but I will watch out for English versions of their books. My German is not that great LOL.


The Alpha Pussy said...

What an absolutely delightful guest and interview! Thanks for having Ozzy on your blog. It's such a joy to have someone like him express his titillation.

Maggie Nash said...

Oh yes, like TAP says, you are a gem!

Thanks for dropping by Gorgeous!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Welcome to Maggie's place, Ozzy!

Thank you for sharing your heart felt love of romance!


Ashlyn Chase said...

Hi Ozzy and Mags,

Ashlyn Chase here. It's terrific to hear about a reader who really appreciates writers. When I get discouraged (as all authors do from time to time) it's my fans and good reviews that keep me going.

You're a wonderful guy, Ozzy.

Maggie asked about my free read yesterday, so I'll post the link today...perfect since a reader is here who might enjoy it.

That is one of my few contemporary stories. Most are longer and many are paranormal comedy. When you begin to cry too much, Ozzy, my other books my provide the antidote.

Anonymous said...

Hi Girls,

TAP, Maggie, Lisabet & Ashlyn,
and all still following,

Thank you very much for all your words and lovely feedbacks! <3

I loved it to write my guest article for Maggie and for all of you!

@Ashlyn ... I tried to get your ebook, but the server says ... "Server Error in '/' Application." May I ask you to send me your book?
I have a Kindle here.

@Girls ... Would you like reviews of your books on a German blog?

Hugs & lovely time to you all,
In love, Ozzy

Ashlyn Chase said...

Hi Ozzy,

If you have a Kindle, all my books are there. Try this first since the download should be super easy for you.

If it still doesn't work. please let me know at and I'll send it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashlyn,

thanks. I found all your books on my German Amazon. I'm looking forward to it. I let you know when my review will come online.

Have a great day!

Ashlyn Chase said...

I'm so glad you were able to download it this time! I really hope you enjoy it.